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Painters New Lenox IL specializes in residential, commercial and industrial painting in the IL and beyond.  Placing a priority on prep-work and high quality products, New Lenox Painting provides a quick and easy estimate, and the quality workmanship you’d expect when hiring an experienced professional.  In fact, we strive to go beyond what you actually see.  How many houses have you seen that look great immediately after they’re painted, only to have failing, chipping and peeling paint a few years later?  This is because the painters used cheap products (or often the wrong product for the job) and spent little time on prep-work such as powerwashing, sanding, and caulking.  We place a focus on this behind-the-scenes prep-work because it makes the beauty of the job last longer, saving you money in the long run.  For a full list of offerings, please view our services


Painters New Lenox is a painting and decorating company based in Lenox. We offer interior and exterior painting, wallpapering and related services for residential and commercial clients. No matter what your painting needs let us help you plan and execute your painting project. We’re confident that you too will be satisfied with the quality of our work, the durability of the finish and its lasting beauty.

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