CORGI Registration

Applicants are required to complete nationally agreed assessments, carried out at an approved assessment centre. These must be renewed every five years to ensure that installers are up-to-date with changing practices, standards and regulations in a fast-moving industry. To be accepted onto the CORGI register, gas installers must have undergone at least the minimum requirement of training, although most have done significantly more. They are required to show knowledge of gas safety issues as well as technical know-how relating to specific appliances. Registered gas operatives are subject to regular work inspections.


Incorrect gas work is likely to be unsafe. Make sure your contractor has the appropriate training and credentials by asking to see their ID card and checking the details on the back. Almost 100000 individual gas fitting operatives are currently registered with CORGI in the UK. CORGI has a team of inspectors based throughout the UK to investigate gas safety-related complaints made against both registered and non-registered installers. Such inspections are free of charge. Complaints can be registered online via the CORGI website.

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