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PC is where gaming began from; it is the original gaming platform. Twenty years ago when computers were nothing like today’s super fast machines, but very big calculators, racing was the most interesting genre. Video games like Test Drive One are nothing compared to today’s video games, but the thrill of racing a super car was very cool back then. Mainly the gamers’ imagination did not the work rather than the actual gaming experience itself. When the Need for Speed series began, things also started to look brighter. This game changed the simulation game racing forever.


Modern computers have so much functionality and power. Games have never felt more realistic and live. Only a few titles are missing from the console side, but there is plenty for PC games to choose from.

When we put together wheel makes like Logitech’s models or TrustMaster together with the OpenWheeler driving seat, both will transform any living room into a world of super racing. They make a real racing seat simulator.

Forza3 and GT5 are not compatible for PC, but there is still a lot of choice for racing games available. Games like Need for Speed and Colin McRae has always been compatible for PC, and with the new Formula One 2010 coming out later this year, it will sure become a big seller for all platforms like PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

The OpenWheeler driving seat simulator is rather light in contrast with other racing game cockpits accessible in the market. OpenWheeler offers impressive stability and satisfaction for people of any size. OpenWheeler is perchance the most inexpensive video game simulator cockpit.

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