Telephone Systems Specifications

Phone System Features and Specifications

18-button phone with displaySmall Business Telephone Systems is committed to providing only top-quality, reliable telephone systems to our customers. We sell only Lucent Technologies products because of their ongoing commitment to small business communications services. And unlike other companies, only sells new equipment to our customers, not factory refurbished or returned merchandise.

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The Partner Advanced Communications System (ACS) has the power and flexibility to meet your business communications needs now and into the future. The Partner ACS was designed with expansion in mind, so it grows with your business. The Partner ACS can expand up to 15 incoming lines and 40 telephones and Partner Mail VS voicemail can expand to 40 mailboxes. The system is so compact it even fits in the space about the size of an average television set! get acrobat reader download a brochure for viewing/print (Adobe pdf format – approx 1-minute download)

Partner ACS features include:

voicemail with access from any phone, 24 hours a day
autoattendent (with separate greetings for day and after business hours)
music on hold (eg., radio,cd)
automated announcements to provide helpful hints, directions to your business, or other routine information
ability to capture call lengths, call volume, peak calling periods, and “on hold” times for customers
ability to restrict toll-call access on phones to prevent misuse
supports caller ID and the ability to return missed calls at the touch of a button
supports 900 mHz wireless phones (available for purchase through
ability to link customer records through a PC interface to retrieve their record on a PC screen as the call comes in
call forwarding to your cell phone, home phone, etc. through an auto-attendant menu
Partner ACS telephone system some of the Partner ACS telephone features include:
built-in speakerphone
conference (up to 5 parties)
do not disturb
call forwarding
message waiting for notification for voicemail
choice of languages
call forwarding sells ONLY NEW Lucent Technologies business telephone systems to our customers to ensure many years of reliable performance and unmatched support. The Lucent Partner ACS telephone system offers all of the features of those expensive business telephone systems like voicemail, auto-attendant, conferencing, music on hold, and many more for a fraction of the price. Best of all, it will grow with your business with the ability to add lines, phones, and features as you need them because the system is completely modular.

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