Is London A Polluted City? (Shocking Sites)

I remember my first day in London.

I had mixed feelings about the things I saw.


You should know that I was very happy with the majority of what I saw in London with my own eyes.

There was just 1 big thing that I did not like.

And that was…

…garbage bags everywhere!

I mean… literally… everywhere.


First of all, let me quickly say that I loved London and I thought it was beautiful.

It was when I went to get something to eat and decided to go out of the city centre and to where a lot of housing was.

I just saw heaps and heaps of garbage bags, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Driving by so many piled up trash bags, it was really crazy to me.

It made me feel grateful that I grew up in a little town in the country.

So what can we do about the pollution?

First of all, putting the garbage into bins isn’t going to help a whole lot


Because the garbage has to go somewhere and will end up in some landfill which will still pollute the Earth.

Keep in mind: I’m not saying don’t bin your trash.

In fact,  you should bin your trash because it can get recycled.

However, the vast majority of our waste is not recycled.

In order to tackle pollution I believe we need to raise awareness.

People seem to think global warming is some kind of conspiracy theory.

I can assure you that global warming is more real than ever.

In fact, global warming is destroying our planet.

We need to adopt a minimalist lifestyle.

Check out the above video about minimalism, it has transformed the life of many people and can help save our precious planet.

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